Alejandro Cabrera Pérez / 28’ / 2015 / España

  • Fotograma Hogar

Dirección / Direction: Alejandro Cabrera Pérez
Producción / Production: Alejandro Cabrera Pérez
Guión / Script: Alejandro Cabrera Pérez
Edición / Editing: Alejandro Cabrera Pérez
Fotografía / Cinematography: Toni Gascón, Alejandro Cabrera
Sonido / Sound: Dani Ramos

We are located in Barcelona in 2014. Marife and Manolo want to change their floor, after 15 years decide to move to a larger space and are in search process. Meanwhile, in the city, two characters, Ligia and Dragomir, also look for your home, but the circumstances are very different between them.

ALEJANDRO CABRERA (Barcelona, 1989) combined his audiovisual studies at Tecnocampus Mataro. In 2010 co-founded the audiovisual collective Bonescabres with which produced several corporate projects, reports and video clips. In 2012 he made an IAESTE internship program in San Juan (Argentina) where it was introduced in the film world with his first work Mogna (International Festival of Film & Digital Solidarity KO). In 2014 he has been working as a technician in various short films and music videos produced by Escac Films and Punto y Coma Films. He is currently studying a master’s degree in Theory and Practice of Creative Documentary at Univeridad Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB)