Rubén Guzmán / 64’ / 2014 / Argentina

  • fotograma La Ciudadela

Dirección / Direction: Rubén Guzmán
Producción / Production: Raymond Beluga Studio; Les
Films Figures Libres
Guión / Script: Rubén Guzmán
Edición / Editing: Rubén Guzmán; Patrick Lauze
Fotografía / Cinematography: Rubén Guzmán
Sonido / Sound: Rubén Guzmán
Música Original / Original Music: Geir Jensen (Biosphere);
Ensamble Circular; Patrick McGinley (Murmer);
Jonathan Coleclough; aktivfilm

Rubén Guzmán is an Argentinian photographer and media artist, professor and researcher, media curator and programmer. His work spans from photography to media arts, from video and experimental film to peripheral documentaries. His innovative work has been screened in relevant solo and group exhibitions. Among his recent works are The Citadel, Civilization (Prize Télé Toulouse for Best Documentary, Cinélatino, 25èmes Rencontres de Toulouse, France), Stock; City of Blind Alchemists (Production Grant, Canada Council for the Arts, Canada) o Amidst the Stones Hypnotized by the Moon.

The citadel is a portrait of three lonely persons who live in three different locations in the vast Patagonian landscape. At the edge of the universe, the three stories suggest a poetic reflection on time and existence.