Mexico, 90’, HD

The Mesino Mesinos are a farmer activist family that has been fighting for 40 years, through three generations, for the Human rights of the communities of the Sierra de Atoyac in Guerrero State – one of the most poor and violent regions of Mexico. Since the 70’s, many members of this family have been victims of state violence: repression, prosecution, murder and forced disappearance. They are witnesses and protagonists of some of the most important events in recent Mexican history: the appearance of Lucio Cabañas Guerrilla Movement during the 70s, the “Guerra Sucia” and State terrorism, the founding of the Organización Campesina de la Sierra del Sur, the Aguas Blancas massacre, the uprising of the Guerrilla of the Ejército Popular Revolucionario, the reconstruction of the communities of the Sierra after the catastrophe of Hurricane Emmanuel. The story of the Mesino Family is a less known but transcendental piece of the Mexican social struggles in recent years.

This documentary focus on the story of the Mesino family from an intimate and human point of view, built from day to day experiences. In it, the sister of the director, a young woman alien to this environment, tries to understand the contradictions and the dynamism of this family, that has been acquainted to his brother through his year-long friendship with Rocío Mesino, a farmer leader who was assassinated a year ago.


Ángel Linares

He studies film production and direction at the Centro Universitario de Estudios Cinematográficos de la UNAM (CUEC-UNAM). His short film Las Montañas Invisibles was nominated to the Ariel Award of the Mexican Academy of the Cinematographic Arts and Sciences, and won the Best Short Documentary Fim Award at the Festival Internacional de Cine de Morelia. This film also received Honorific Mentions at the Premio José Rovirosa for the Best Mexican Student Film, the Festival Internacional de Documentales de la Ciudad de México DOCSDF and at the Festival Internacional de Cine de Caracas. His short films have been shown at the Semaine de la Critique of Cannes IFF and at the Sarajevo IFF. He was selected to participate at the 10th International Student Film Camp “Interaction 2015” in Pozega, Serbia and directed a medium length documentary there.

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