Miguel G. Morales / 60’ / 2015 / España / Spain

  • fotograma las manos

Dirección / Direction: Miguel G. Morales
Producción / Production: Miguel G. Morales & CACT
Guión / Script: Miguel G. Morales
Edición / Editing: Jorge Rojas
Fotografía / Cinematography: Jorge Rojas
Sonido / Sound: Fabián Yanes
Música Original / Original Music: Ale Acosta

Workers managed by the artist César Manrique make the dream of the island of Lanzarote in the 60´s. The creation of the network of centers of art, culture and tourism, landmarks within the landscape conservation in Europe. People who had to translate the world created by César Manrique in reality. From Ideas to the hands. The craftsmen of stone, wood, iron gardening or explain their particular way of seeing the story that changed the island forever.

MIGUEL G. MORALES was born in Tenerife in 1978. He studied cinema in Madrid, in the TAI School and the EICTV of San Antonio de los Baños, La Habana, Cuba. He worked on TV at the same time he started to make his first film until he devoted himself entirely to direct independently. His works range from the creation of the Second Spanish Republic linked to the magazine gaceta de arte and the Surrealism to the same César Manrique, José Saramago and Ignacio Aldecoa. Jobs that have been shot in different countries and have been shown in international festivals and national art centers. Apart from the documentary genre, has also worked fiction and video creation.