Roya Eshraghi / 13’ / 2014 / Cuba

  • Fotograma de Lorenza...

Dirección / Direction: Roya Eshraghi Safaifard
Edición / Editing: Roya Eshraghi Safaifard
Fotografía / Cinematography: Roya Eshraghi Safaifard
Sonido / Sound: Tomás Navas

Lorenza is an elderly lady who lives in a cuban shack in Sierra Maestra. But it is not his biggest problem. Lorenza spend all day waiting for the radio to relay her favorite radio-novel.

ROYA ESHRAGHI was born in 1985 in Iran. She emigrated to Costa Rica in 2000. She studied anthropology at the University of Costa Rica. During her career the issues of migration, memory and identity are present. In 2010 she made her first short film Jugando con arena, in tribute to her brother. She graduated in the specialty of documentary EICTV. She has made small works that reflect her experiences as Yadbood (I remember) filmed in 16 mm. In 2012 she participates in a workshop with Kiarostami where She made two short films: Nostalgia nocturna and Endless. In the same period she attended the master class of Kossakovsky. Yadbood is an experimental film shot during a workshop with Phil Hoffman. Derakht (The tree) is one of her most recent works, along with anything or anyone that is her graduation thesis EICTV.