Marcell Gerő / 104’/ 2014 / Hungría (MUESTRA DEPENDENCIA)

  • fotograma Cain

Dirección / Direction: Marcell Gerő
Producción / Production: Sára László (Campfilm, Hungary),
Jacques Bidou (Jba Production, France), Marianne
Dumoulin (Jba Production, France)
Guión / Script: Marcell Gerő, Sára László
Edición / Editing: Sylvie Gadmer, Péter Sass
Sonido / Sound: Tamás Dévényi, Tamás Székely, Rudolf
Música Original / Original Music: Dominique Gadmer

MARCELL GERŐ was born in 1978 in Budapest, Hungary. He studied Film Theory and History at ELTE University in Budapest along with Film Direction, under János Szász, at Budapest University of Theatre and Film Arts. He began work as assistant director to Kornél Mundruczó in his third year of study. His diploma film, Kócos/Shock, was presented at numerous international festivals and won several prices (Potsdam, Milano, Porto, Budapest). He completed his studies in 2007, when he cofounded the Budapest-based production company Campfilm, produced a number of documentaries and fictional shorts.

Three men, they all committed murder as children. They passed their entire youth in communist Hungary’s prison, where they were first filmed. Disturbing archive footage shows them confessing details of their crime, and sharing their plans for the future. Thirty years on the filmmaker goes out to find them and discovers untold secrets and a Hungary he has never known. Fate, sin, and legacy – seen through the eyes of Cain’s children.