Morgan Knibbe / 15’ / 2014 / Holanda

  • fotograma Shipwreck

Dirección / Direction: Morgan Knibbe
Producción / Production: Jos de Putter, Wink de Putter, Morgan Knibbe
Edición / Editing: Morgan Knibbe
Fotografía / Cinematography: Morgan Knibbe
Sonido / Sound: Noah Pepper, Taco Drijfhout, Vincent Sinceretti
Música Original / Original Music: Carlos Dalla-Fiore

On three October 2013, a boat carrying 500 Eritrean refugees sunk off the coast of the Italian island Lampedusa. More than 360 people drowned. Abraham, one of the survivors, walks through a graveyard of shipwrecks and vividly remembers the nightmarish experience. Meanwhile, chaos breaks loose at the harbour, whilst hundreds of coffins are being loaded onto a military ship.

MORGAN KNIBBE graduated from the Netherlands Film Academy in 2012 with A Twist in The Fabric of Space. His short film Shipwreck was awarded a Silver Leopard at the Locarno International Film Festival 2014 (Switzerland). In addition, the film was nominated for a European Film Award, received the Golden Mikeldi for Best Documentary at Zinebi Bilbao (Spain), a Special Jury Mention at AFI FEST (USA), a Special Jury Mention at Camerimage (Poland) and won the main prize for Best Documentary at Flickerfest (Australia). Recently Morgan finished his first feature length film entitled Those Who Feel the Fire Burning, which revolves around the lives of refugees at the borders of Europe. The film has been nominated for Best International Film at IDFA 2014.