Isidro Sánchez / 80’ / 2015 / España (MUESTRA DEPENDENCIA)

  • Fotogrma No me contéis...

Dirección / Direction:Isidro Sánchez
Producción / Production: Isidro Sánchez y Alfonso Camacho
Edición / Editing: Carlos Vives
Fotografía / Cinematography: Isidro Sánchez
Sonido / Sound: Juan Pedro Artero

Manolo doesn’t know how old he is. He roams around the old people’s home he has just entered without paying attention to his surroundings. His imagination allows him to wander through the olive groves where he worked and pushed his wheelbarrow in search of firewood. A fragmentary, evasive portrait of the end of a life.

Director NO me contéis entreISIDRO SÁNCHEZ was born in Cuba in 1970. With an extensive education and wide experience in the social sphere, he felt the need to make films at a young age. He studied filmmaking in Madrid and Buenos Aires, and has a diploma in film direction from the Andalucian School of Cinematography. His first works were on Super 8 and 16mm. He is currently working on his next film, about the visual artists Isabel Jurado and Rafael Aguilera. Don’t include me among you is his first feature film.