Jelena Novaković / 27’ / 2015 / Croacia

  • fotograma Ana Square

Dirección / Direction: Jelena Novaković
Producción / Production: Vanja Jambrović, Oliver Sertić
Edición / Editing: Hrvoslava Brkušić
Fotografía / Cinematography: Wolfram Huke
Sonido / Sound: Filip Sertić
Música Original / Original Music: I-TAL JAM

Since 40 years ago, without a single day off, Ana has come to the door of the church in the city to sell rosaries and religious calendars. Under sun, snow or rain, Sundays and holidays. Ana received a regular pension and does not belong to the lower strata of society, but she has a motive. Just five meters away, Zorka, its closest competitor, has placed its stand. Business logic to maintain with customers apply a simple way: by reducing prices.

JELENA NOVAKOVIĆ was born in 1980 in Zagreb. She graduated from departments of sociology and information science at Faculty of Social Sciences in
Zagreb. At the moment she is finishing the specialized master course in “European Studies” on the Faculty of Political Sciences in Zagreb. In 2009 she attended film workshop ‘’Attack – Medika’’, and in 2011 she finished Restart’s school of documentary film. She volunteered on ZagrebDox and she is shooting and editing short films as a hobby.