Michał Szcześniak / 25’ / 2014 / Polonia (MUESTRA DEPENDENCIA)

  • Fotograma Punto de partida

Dirección / Direction: Michał Szcześniak
Producción / Production: Munk Studio
Guión / Script: Kasia Bonda, Michał Szczesniak
Edición / Editing: Jacek Tarasiuk, Daniel Gasiorowski
Fotografía / Cinematography: Przemek Niczyporuk
Música Original / Original Music: Radek Ochnio

Aneta rebelled at the age of 19. She went to prison for murder. Nine year later, while serving her sentence, she takes up a job of a carer. Every day she leaves the prison to go to the nursing home to look after Helena who suffers from rheumatism. By talking to the old lady Aneta realises how much she has in life and starts to believe in herself before the hard test which is ahead of her.

MICHAŁ SZCZESNIAK is a director and screenwriter. His films have received numerous awards both in Poland and abroad. He wrote and directed a narrative
film entitled A Boat and Sashka, a documentary Sashka and is the co-writer and director of Starting Point, another documentary. His full-length feature Fisheye is currently in pre-production. He also wrote the award-winning dramas Goliath, and Caution: Free Will and has written and directed a 3D game, Tajemnica Aeropolis. He begins shooting Spitsbergen, which he also co- wrote, in February.