Pauline Zapolska / 9’ / 2014 / Ucrania

  • Cartel Refugio

Dirección / Direction: Pauline Zapolska
Edición / Editing: Pauline Zapolska
Fotografía / Cinematography: Pauline Zapolska, Mykola Marchuk, Anton Ovdiy, Iliya Trifonov
Sonido / Sound: Svyatoslav Fedorov
Música Original / Original Music: Anamoli

At least 416 thousands of people from Donetsk and Lugansk regions left their homes, trying to escape from the war on Donbas. About 190 thousands of refugees moved to other regions of Ukraine. Now, over 13 thousands of refugees from Crimea and Donbas live in Kiev. Most of them were left without any means of support. All over the country the camps for refugees were set up. Most of them are located in the buildings of former schools, resorts and different warehouses.

Pauline Zapolska. Student of Karpenko-Kary Kiev National University of theatre, cinema and television.