Tomás Navas Curie / 10’ / 2014 / Cuba

  • fotograma Relú

Dirección / Direction: Tomás Navas Curie
Producción / Production: Tony Horta y Pablo García Barbán
Edición / Editing: Tomás Navas Curie
Fotografía / Cinematography: Tomás Navas Curie
Sonido / Sound: Roya Eshraghi y Lucas Coelho De Carvalho

Hernán is a shoe shiner. His everyday chat his with clients gives us a stark description of the economic and political situation in Cuba.

TOMÁS NAVAS CURIE joined the Film department at Geneva University of Art and Design, where he directed a short fiction entitled Mala Sombra. Then he decided to interrupt his studies in Geneva and study at the International Film School of Cuba. There he directed El hombre justo and Relú.