Pablo García Pérez de Lara y Marc Serena / 94’ / 2015/ España

  • fograma Tchindas

Dirección / Direction: Pablo García Pérez de Lara y Marc Serena
Producción / Production: Yolanda Olmos, Marc Serena
Guión / Script: Pablo García Pérez de Lara, Marc Serena
Edición / Editing: Pablo García Pérez de Lara
Fotografía / Cinematography: Pablo García Pérez de Lara
Sonido / Sound: Verònica Font
Música Original / Original Music: Cesária Évora

A tiny island works together to make something beautiful out of nothing: a Carnival. During the month leading up to the festivities we’ll discover the struggles needed to achieve it through Tchinda, the most beloved trans woman. It’s in the island of Sâo Vicente, in Cape Verde.

PABLO GARCÍA PÉREZ DE LARA (Barcelona, 1970) has directed two full length films: Fuente Álamo (2001), premiered in Karlovy Vary and Butterfly (2007), in the official section of Karlovy Vary and San Sebastián. His short film Alicia Portrayed (2002) was selected by the Semaine de la critique du festival de Cannes. For TV, the docs Galicia’s Sound (2006) and Mura, a Cinema Town (2010).
MARC SERENA (Barcelona, 1983) is a journalist and this is his directorial debut. He normally works as a screenwriter for Spanish TV as TVC, TVE and Barcelona TV. He has just published Un-African love? (2014), one of the most comprehensive researches that exist so far about the LGBT community in Africa.