Jill Coulon / 56’ / 2015 / France

  • Fotograma Viaja a occidente

Dirección / Direction: Jill Coulon
Producción / Production: Virginie François
Guión / Script: Jill Coulon
Edición / Editing: Alex Cardon
Fotografía / Cinematography: Julien Gidoin, Jill Coulon
Sonido / Sound: Ma Niu
Música Original / Original Music: Laurent Dury

JILL COULON is a young, self-taught French documentarian. Driven by a strong passion for photography and travel, Jill Coulon described herself as a “Swiss Army Knife”. He started working in the film industry in 2002. In 2008 he moved to Tokyo on their own. The result of this trip is her first film: A normal life. Chronicle of a sumo wrestler, winning several international awards (Best Debut in MiradasDocs, Special Jury Prize at the Festival du Film d’Education, special mention at the Film Festival Flahertiana, Etoile con 2010 , etc.) In her new film Journey to the West, Jill Coulon continues to explore Asian cultures, with the same rigor and sensitivity in his first film, but now with a touch of humor.

Journey to the West is an embedded documentary film into a bus with Chinese tourists visiting Europe for the very first time (6 countries in 10 days!). This road movie captures with humor, poetry and spirit the cultural differences between China and Europe in a play of mirrors and contrasts. It also destroys the stereotypes about the emerging Chinese middle class and reveals what they think about the “others” who are “us”, the Westerners