Guillermo García López / 81’ / 2016 / España

  • Fragil Equilibrio

Direction: Guillermo García López
Production: Guillermo García López, Pablo Godoy-Estel, Pedro González Kühn, David Casas Riesco
Cinematography: Pablo Bürmann
Script: Guillermo García López
Editing: Guillermo García López, Victoria Lammers

In Delicate Balance, three stories in three different continents are intertwined: two Japanese executives from Tokyo, whose lives are trapped in a vicious circle of consumerism and work in corporations; a sub-Saharan community on Mount Gurugú, close to the Melilla fence, the border between Africa and Europe, who put their lives on the line every day attempting to join the Developed World; and several families in Spain devastated by the economic downturn, the real estate speculation, political corruption and the loss of their homes. These stories are animated by José Mujica, Uruguay’s ex-president, who tackles universal topics that are threatening humanity, calling into question fundamental pillars of the world in which we live.

Guillermo García López was born in Madrid in 1985. He studied Audiovisual Production in the Instituto Puerta Bonita in Madrid and graduated in Audiovisual Communication from the Madrid Complutense University. He has worked for nine years as a filmmaker for different communication and advertising agencies. He has also worked in the directing department of film and advertising productions. In 2013, he founded the independent production company Sintagma Films in which he works as a director and producer. That same year, he produced La gran desilusión, directed by Pedro González Kühn and nominated for best short documentary film at the Goya Awards in 2014. Delicate Balance is his first feature film as a director.