Álvaro Priante, Iván Roiz / 63’ / 2016 / España

Direction: Álvaro Priante e Iván Roiz
Production: Holidays Films y MM 4 Producciones
Cinematography: Iván Roiz
Editing: Iván Roiz
Music: Nus Cuevas
Sound: Iván Chavez

In the valleys of the Triqui region lives a group of indigenous kids that have been wining basketball championships all over the world occupying minutes in the TV news and becoming the hope for this people. It was after an unexpected meeting with the triqui children, when Professor Sergio felt the need of helping such a marginalized and forgotten society. After 4 years, he came back to the region as head coach and the ideologist of this development program.

During his university stage, Álvaro Priante was the director of several short documentaries and fiction films, some of them awarded like Ja, es tut weh! Porträt Janina Herkle selected by the German TV channel MDR for the show called Heimat Gesichter. In the recently years he has been the production manager in World Television, a company focused on corporative films.


Iván Roiz is an experimented film editor and one of his recent projects is called RIF 58-59 Briser le silence, an awarded film by the Tanger Film Festival in Morocco. He is also the director of short documentaries as Bikepark La Traba, Boa Mistura and Proyecto Miriam Estelí filmed in Nicaragua.