TOUT LE MONDE AIME LE BORD DE LA MER / Keina Espiñeira / 17’ / 2015 / España

Direction: Keina Espiñeira
Production: Lourdes Pérez
Cinematography: José Alayón
Editing: Samuel M. Delgado
Sound: Raúl Espiñeira
Colorist: Ignacio Fernández

A group of men are waiting at the fringes of a coastal woodland for their journey to Europe, in limbo, between time and place. A film is shot there, the men play themselves. Fiction and documentary constantly intertwine. Myths from the colonial past collide with their dreams of a better future. The landscape changes and they are no longer in their motherland. There are no beautiful beaches, the water is not transparent, is not clear. Memory survives as an echo from the distance.

Keina Espiñeira (1983, Spain) holds a Master’s degree in Direction and Production of Documentary Films by the Documentary Film Association of Madrid. PhD in Political Science and Visual Studies, she has also worked as a researcher in California, The Netherlands, Spain and Morocco. Border policies are one of her main focus areas. Tout le monde aime le bord de la mer (2015) is her first film.