Luciano Pérez Fernández / 9’ / 2017 / Brasil

Direction: Luciano Pérez Fernández
Production: Erika Azevedo, Luciano Pérez Fernández
Editing: Rodrigo Daniel
Photography: Anderson Capuano
Sound: Nicolau Domingues

City of Salgueiro, in the heartland of Pernambuco, Brazil. In the stands, the heat punishes the fans. On the radio, Fire Mouth ignites the broadcasting. There`s no sports commentator like Fire Mouth.

LUCIANO PÉREZ FERNÁNDEZ is a Brazilian Spanish director, cinematographer and producer. He is graduated in Journalism and Cinema and has a Master in Documentary Filmmaking. Fire Mouth (Boca de Fogo) is his first film. Luciano has a long career as an assistant director and has also directed music videos, webseries for YouTube and TV programs, such as the awarded TV report Os boias-frias do futebol (Soccer player working class).