Hendrick Dusollier / 59’ / 2017 / Francia

Direction: Hendrick Dusollier
Production: Hendrick Dusollier
Script: Hendrick Dusollier
Editing: Hendrick Dusollier
Cinematography: Hendrick Dusollier
Sound: Hendrick Dusollier

In the gigantic city of Chongqing, the last of its old quarters is about to be demolished, and its inhabitants relocated. The filmmaker becomes friends with little Zhou Hong and Mrs Xue Lian, the last witnesses of a disappearing world.

HENDRICK DUSOLLIER has a degree in History at La Sorbonne and graduated from the Paris National School of Fine Arts, ENSAD. In 2005 he released his first film, Obras, a journey through the destruction of the old quarters of Barcelona. His unprecedented technical and artistic style earns him a selection at Locarno, a nomination at the César awards, a SCAM award and a number of rewards in several international festivals. His next film, Babel, co-produced by Arte, selected at Rotterdam and winner of the Unifrance award and many others in international festivals, is an allegory of the dramatic changes taking place in China today. In 2013, his historic documentary Dictateurs was described by Le Monde as “an unprecedented and vertiginous experience, a historic, technical and artistic performance, and a titanic work”; and by France Inter as “a marvellous documentary”. Derniers jours à Shibati, his last film, documents the disappearance of the last of the old quarters of the gigantic city of Chongqing. It has recently won the Grand Prix of the French competition (Prix Louis Marcorelles) and the Youth Award at Cinéma du Réel 2017.