Serdar Önal / 68’ / 2017 / Turquía

Direction: Serdar Önal
Production: Nagehan Uskan
Editing: Alper Sen
Cinematography: Hande Zerkin
Sound: Fatih Bilgin
Original Music: Circus Marcus

An Armenian woman from Bitlis, Mother Derdo, has emigrated to Istanbul following the death of her husband to build a new life to herself. Each year, she travels to her home village where she stays for a while, harvests walnuts, and returns to Istanbul. The walnut tree is like a reflection of Mother Derdo-standing tall, keeping a memory.

SERDAR ÖNAL. Born in 1981 in Trabzon. He graduated from Hacettepe University Mathematic Department. He worked in Trabzon and Istanbul as a math teacher. He did master degree in Marmara University Cinema .He made Odensa fil what about young Nigerian who is trying to become footballer. His first short fiction film name is A Short Film About Wong Kar Wai. This film screened and awarded in many festivals in Turkey and World. He is still working as a math teacher in Istanbul.