Luciano Zito / 82’ / 2017 / Argentina

Direction: Luciano Zito
Production: Luciano Zito
Editing: Juan Pablo Di Bitonto, Luciano Zito
Cinematography: Damian Dobrenky
Sound: Pablo Trilnik
Original Music: Pablo Trilnik

On the outskirts of the town of Eduardo Castex in the region of La Pampa, next to the provincial route 102, there’s a theme park where about 30 works in cement and iron represent the prehistoric life of the dinosaurs. They have a significant impact because their size (they’re life-size) contrasts with the smallness of the town and the lonely fields that make up the landscape, as if the park doesn’t fit into this place. But in this small community, there are other things that don’t quite seem to fit either. One of them is the life of Jorge “Cacho” Fortunsky, creator of the sculptures who, in addition to his innate talent for drawing, carving and sculpting, has a past marked by crime that he is trying to leave behind forever.

LUCIANO ZITO was born in 1975 in Buenos Aires. He has a degree in Image and Sound Design from the University of Buenos Aires, and a Master in Theory and Practice in Creative Documentary from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Since the completion of his first documentary Tapados, he has directed, produced and written numerous documentaries for cinema and television. His documentaries have been broadcast by various international television channels (TVE Spain, TVC Catalonia, RTP Portugal, TG4 Ireland, TELESUR, TUTV Puerto Rico, The History Channel, Canal Encuentro, Señal Colombia, SERTV Panama, etc.) and have participated in festivals and markets in a wide variety of countries (Spain, United States, Germany, Venezuela, Colombia, Ireland, Greece, Argentina, Mexico, Panama, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia, etc.). He has also worked as Director of Photography and Camera on numerous productions (feature films, documentaries, shorts, institutional campaigns, etc). He has been the recipient of important awards throughout his career, both in Argentina and abroad. In 2004 he founded LUPA FILMS, a production company primarily dedicated to making the various formats of documentary films.