Rémi Jennequin / 51’ / 2017 / Francia

Direction: Rémi Jennequin
Production: Mélanie Loisel, Maud Martin
Editing: Numa Pelissier, Pascal Hamant
Cinematography: Rémi Jennequin
Sound: Rémi Jennequin

This film depicts the troubled path of teenagers who struggle not to lose balance. This is the portrait of Espoir (Hope), 18, a teenager living in Lomé, the capital of Togo. I follow him with my camera wherever he goes. His body guides the rhythm of the scenes in a seemingly measureless city. Espoir meanders among his friends, girls and parties. He tests himself, looks inside himself, while pursuing new sensations and desires. Sometimes he would like to walk away from the camera. He doesn’t care at all about my project; his desire for independence is far stronger. It rumbles in the deepest part of his soul.

RÉMI JENNEQUIN was born in Nice in 1986 and he grows up in the north of France. He discovered cinema in the high school’s video club where he directed a short movie. He did his first documentary shots in Togo during workshops he set with teenagers. In 2008, he entered in La Fémis school in photography department. He starts to work as director of photography in fiction and continue to directing documentary in Togo. In 2012, his diploma movie, Un Togolais sur la lune, is a fantasist portrait of Espoir and his friends in Togo. After another diploma in documentary cinema in Lussas (Ardèche Image), Rémi Jennequin works as camera operator with directors as Claire Simon, Nicolas Philibert on their movies. His last movie, Ce soir mon cœur bat is the fifth movie of a ten years work with the youngness in Togo.