Venezolana de Televisión

andreina perez valente

venezolana de televisionVenezolana de Televisión


Programming manager


Venezolana de Televisión is the main channel of the Venezuelan state and is attached to the Ministry of Popular Power for Communication, with nationwide coverage in an open 24-hour signal. It is a channel oriented to broadcast information and opinion programs, most of our programming is national and is performed live, standing out for the largest number of transmissions via microwave and Simón Bolívar satellite. We also broadcast series and documentaries on weekends, which represents approximately 20% of our programming.


Well-made documentaries about long – standing issues of interest in Latin America. In Spanish language (doubled or with subtitles), one hour TV duration ((54 – 56 min aprox), that follow the line that offers our screen to level of newscasters and viewers, based on serious investigations with excellent values of production that treat relating to the moment topics.