One of the major challenges currently facing our society is undoubtedly that of transforming the way that disability is perceived, in order to view affected citizens as people with other abilities. This is probably one of the most socially significant ideas among those our society has aspired to implement in the last decade and has not been sufficiently developed in recent years. In any case, what now seems necessary is to put in place processes to raise citizen awareness about the nature and magnitude of the problems that the implementation and development of this law aim to alleviate. In general, the youth sector is especially resistant to change when faced with this type of problem, probably due to the lack of contact with those social spaces which are normally in the hands of adults. However, the use of film and discussions with specialists has been proven to be an efficient way of raising awareness.

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MAKUN (NO LLORES) – Dibujos en un C.I.E.
Emilio Martí López / 30’ / 2019 / Spain

The Foreigners’ Internment Centers (C.I.E.s) are prisons for innocents, and that is why our governments hide them from us. Having been able to document thousands of drawings on the walls of a CIE, MAKUN tells several stories of dreams (a better life) and nightmares (dangerous trips and confinement in CIEs when arriving in Europe), animating the drawings made by hundreds of anonymous hands and with the testimony of three immigrants and human rights activists.

With the presence of Thimbo, One of the testimonies in “MAKUN (NO LLORES) – Dibujos en un C.I.E .”

“A story from Africa”
Billy Woodberry / 32’ / 2018 / Portugal

Following the 1885 Berlin Conference resolution on the partition of Africa, the Portuguese army uses a talented ensign to register the effective occupation of the territory conquered in 1907 to the Cuamato people, in the south of Angola. A Story from Africa enlivens this rarely seen photographic archive through the tragic tale of Calipalula, the Cuamato nobleman essential to the unfolding of events in this Portuguese pacifcation campaign

With the presence of Billy Woodberry, director of “A story from Africa”

With the presence of Thimbo, One of the testimonies in “MAKUN (NO LLORES) – Dibujos en un C.I.E .”

Known as Thimbo Samb. Activist actor and youtuber. One of the testimonials in “MAKUN (NO LLORES) – Dibujos en un C.I.E.”
Un lugar mejor (2012). Barcelone ba barsakh. (2014). MAKUN (NO LLORES) – Dibujos en un C.I.E. (2019). Documental la puerta azul (2013). Películas el silencio del pantano (2020). BLACKBEACH (2020). Series pérdida de Atresmedia (2029). Antidisturbios de Movistarpluh (2021).

With the presence of Billy Woodberry, director of “A story from Africa”

Billy Woodberry
Born in Dallas in 1950, Billy Woodberry is one of the founders of the L.A. Rebellion flm movement. His frst feature flm Bless Their Little Hearts (1983) is a pioneer and essential work of this movement, influenced by Italian neo-realism and the work of Third Cinema flmmakers. The flm was awarded with an OCIC and Interflm awards at the Berlin International Film Festival and was added to the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress in 2013. His latest feature flm And when I die, I won’t stay dead (2015) about the beat poet Bob Kaufman was the opening flm of MoMA’s Doc Fortnight in 2016.