When filmmaker Juan Alfredo Amil receives information that a routine operation could put his life at risk because of his morbid obesity, his world crumbles. He, meanwhile, finds only one way to combat his state of panic: to make a film about it.

Juan Alfredo Amil is a filmmaker specializing in documentary film. He is one of the pioneers in Spain in the making of short films with mobile phones, thanks to the pieces Soy un Héroe (2012) and El Cazador (2013).
He made his first feature documentary in 2015, “Héroes Modernos”, a sports-themed work. In 2017, he directed the historical genre doc movie “Amaro Pargo: Entre la leyenda y la Historia”, premiered on Televisión Canaria. “Absolution” is his second feature film

416 Studio is a brand new production company, run by Juan Alfredo Amil. Born under the shelter of Deyo XT, the food company runs by Amil and his brother, 416 was born with three objectives:
1) To combine the making of personal and independent films with online productions.
2) To research and develop new forms of distribution.
3) Manage our production company with the care and warmth with which we run our family business.

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