Natalia Ivory Almario / 87´ / 2019 / Colombia, Uruguay

Direction: Natalia Ivory Almario
Production: Oscar Ruiz Navia
Script: Natalia Ivory Almario
Editing: María Alejandra Briganti
Cinematography: Laura Imery Almario
Sound: César Salazar

Twelve years ago Ricardo, Natalia’s father, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Then, she told him and her mother that she liked women. Natalia could not understand why, if her parents had been leftist militants and fought for equality and freedom, they could not accept her. A decade later, they meet to talk about their views on family, homosexuality, ideological struggles and what the progress of Ricardo’s disease has meant for them.

NATALIA IMERY ALMARIO. (Valle del Cauca, Colombia). Natalia Imery Almario directed Alén (2014), winner of the Cartagena Film Festival for short film, New Creators category, and other festivals in Latin America and Europe. She has just finished her first feature-length documentary, Dopamina (2019), that she has presented in different markets and workshops: Talent Campus of Buenos Aires, Miradas Doc Market, Bam Audiovisual Market, Toulouse Cinéma en Développement and Walden Residencies. Winner of the FDC [Film Development Fund] award for post-production in 2018.