Guillermo Rocamora / 72´ / 2018 / Uruguay

Direction: Guillermo Rocamora

Production: Diego Robino y Santiago López

Script: Guillermo Rocamora

Editing: Victoria Lammers, Guillermo Madeiro y Juan Ignacio Fernández

Cinematography: Andrés Boero Madrid y Guillermo Rocamora

Sound: Rafael Álvarez y Diogo Poças

After thirteen years in Guantanamo, a 38-year-old Palestinian called Mohammed is released and transferred to Uruguay. He has a second chance: start a new life in freedom in an unfamiliar place. But “freedom” is a big word with a very complex meaning. Freedom is a Big Word shows how goodwill can deteriorate into impotence when confronted with reality.

GUILLERMO ROCAMORA. Uruguay, 1981. He studied Communication Sciences at the Universidad de la República and Screenwriting at the Cuba International School of Film and Television. He participated in the literary workshop of author Mario Levrero, he was a production assistant in the feature-length film Whisky by Juan Pablo Rebella and Pablo Stoll, and second assistant director in La Perrera, by Manolo Nieto. In 2004 he wrote and directed his first fiction short film Conexiones, and in 2007 he was, together with Javier Palleiro, co-author and co-director of the short film Buenviaje (Cannes 2018 official selection). He directed and co-wrote feature film Solo, released in 2013 at the 30th Miami International Film Festival (best debut film). In 2013, Guillermo wrote and directed the documentary La esencia de Carolina Herrera de Báez for Discovery Channel. In 2014 he directed a documentary series on the Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, for Fusion TV (USA). He directs Freedom is a Big Word, IDFA 2018 selection. He is currently in the financing stage of his next fiction film, Temas propios.