Ana Bugni / 18´ / 2019 / Argentina

Direction: Ana Bugni

Production: Ezequiel Entelman

Script: Ana Bugni

Editing: Ana Bugni

Cinematography: Ana Bugni

Sound: Javier Medialdea

This is a brief portrait of Chicha, a grandmother, but also in a way of Inés, her daughter, and perhaps the daughter of that daughter, the person behind the camera. A portrait arranged around Ana’s only interview of her grandmother, in 2012. From these screenshots, the photos and text that add to the story, a personality emerges. A unique character with a difficult relationship with her daughter and with men. A family of women and their bonds over three generations. Some ragged thoughts run through their discourse, revealing a common commitment to words and how they can heal the past.

ANA BUGNI is an Argentine filmmaker and photographer born in Buenos Aires in 1986. She spent most of her adolescence in Spain and won the Île-de-France master scholarship that allowed her to train in Paris, where she specialised in Cinematographic and Audiovisual Studies under Alain Bergala and Philippe Dubois. On her return to Buenos Aires she devoted herself to photography, advertising and cinema. In 2015 she presented the photo-show Off The Record consisting of more than thirty unpublished portraits of musicians, a record of the Buenos Aires independent music scene. She works as a photographer in different graphic and cultural media such as La Nación, Rolling Stone and Vice México and USA. She has made video clips for various musical projects, and her works have been published in Argentina, Mexico, Great Britain, Spain, Germany and the United States. Late Tenderness Romance, her first short film, won better short at the BAFICI and the Havana Films festivals. She currently lives in Buenos Aires where she works as a freelancer for different film-production companies and graphic media.