JD Alcázar / 15´ / 2019 /Spain

Direction: JD Alcázar
Production: Carlos Mestanza. Miguel Angel Poveda
Editing: JD Alcázar
Cinematography: JD Alcázar
Sound: JD Alcázar

Loli and Andrés share the last steps of their life. After a long path together, their love has grown stronger than illness and death.

After years working as an architect, JD decides to study cinema and graduates as director and screenwriter in Bande à Part School, Barcelona. He also writes about cinema and is the winner of the 2018 scholarship for FRAME master, in Lens School, Madrid. In his short films, he tells stories about love and dual relationships, as in the comedy Fuerte y Poderosa (2015) and the fantasy drama Marta por Dentro (2017), with projection on international festivals and tv. He is now developing his first feature film with Gold Tower Productions and American Road Films.