Pawel Chorzepa / 41´ / 2019 / Poland

Direction: Pawel Chorzepa
Production: Ewa Jastrzębska y Jerzy Kapuściński
Editing: Agata Cierniak y Alan Zejer
Cinematography: Pawel Chorzepa
Sound: Daniel Stopa, Dominika Czakon y Kamil Guźniczak

This film is a very subtly told story about a difficult love between father and son as well as the image of a constant struggle for freedom. There are not many words, these are gestures and actions that speak about a family relationship. Marcin – our main character – has been deeply hurt by his parents. His mother drank during the pregnancy, so as a result he was born with FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome). Because of their addiction to alcohol, at the age of twelve he was taken away from his parents. The orphanage took his childhood away.

PAWEL CHORZEPA (Mazovia, 1981). Director and cinematographer. Author of cinematography for documentary and feature films, such as A Piece of Summer and Zud by M. Minorowicz, Decrescendo and My house by M. Szymków, When I am a bird by M. Pawluczuk, Pollonez, First man on Mars and Relax by A. Elbanowska, Opera about Poland by P. Stasik, as well as New Born by L. Duda. Currently works on two full-length feature films: Magnezja dir. M. Bochniak and Iluzja dir. M. Minorowicz.