Victor Missud/ 30´ / 2019 / France

Dirección: VictorMissud

Production: LE G.R.E.C.

Script: Víctor Missud

Edition: SoulimanSchelfout

Cinematography: Joseph Fandre, Lucas Palen, Louis Hanquet, Noé Cugny y VictorMissud

Sound: Carles Torres Beuguera y LéoTorreton

Few men, sent onto the Moon to vegetalize it, are waiting for the arrival of the Earthlings. In the middle of the forest they grew, they talk about their past lives on Earth and the world in which they would like to live in. But who are these men? Are they real? Have they been forgotten?

VICTOR MISSUD. Born in Toulouse (France) in 1990, Missud studied film at the Sorbonne NouvelleUniversity in Paris and at the Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema in Lisbon.He makes experimental documentaries – short movies – and is currently working on A qui le monde (60′), a creative documentary co-directed with Marina Russo Villani. This project wonthe SCAM prize “Brouillon d’un rêvedocumentaire” in April 2017 and documentary writers-in-residence of Saint-Quirin in September 2018.