Jorge Moneo Quintana / 29´ / 2019 /Spain

Direction: Jorge Moneo Quintana
Production: Jorge Moneo Quintana, Elorri Sarasola Barandiaran
Script: Jorge Moneo Quintana
Editing: Jorge Moneo Quintana
Sound: Elorri Sarasola Barandiaran

The personal stories lived by the Uncle, the Father and the Son, respectively, form a tragic experience that is drawn along a line in time. This line is comparable to a crease in the pages of the family album, but also to a crack in the walls of the paternal house. It resembles the open wound created when drilling into a mountain, but also a scar in the collective imaginary of a society, where the idea of salvation finds its tragic destiny in the political struggle. What is at the end of that line? Will old war songs be enough to circumvent that destiny?

Jorge Moneo Quintana
He achieved his Bachelor degree in Fine Arts at the University of the Basque Country and also carried out studies at the Universitatea de Arta si Design din Cluj Napoca (Romania) and the University of Vigo (Galicia, Spain). His works have been displayed at numerous art institutions and film festivals of Europe, Latin America and Asia. In 2015 he worked as assistant director in the film Où est la jungle? directed by Iván Castiñeiras and produced by Le Fresnoy Studio (France). In 2017 he completed his academic training with a Master’s degree in Theory and Practice of Creative Documentary at the UAB (Barcelona) where he co-directed The Interior City, which was co-produced by TVE and premiered at IDFA 2017. Orbainak (2019) is his first solo film. It premiered at Punto de Vista 2019, it was awarded at Filmadrid 2019 and obtained a Special Jury Mention at L’Alternativa. He is currently working on a short film for the collective film Begirada (2020), as well as in the development of his first feature film, Almanaka (2021) .