Jorge Moneo Quintana / 29´ / 2019 /Spain

Direction:  Ana Serna y Paula Iglesias

Production: Olatz Alonso

Script:  Ana Serna, Paula Iglesias

Cinematography: Ana Serna, Iratxe Aranguren

Editing: Paula Iglesias

Sound: Paula Iglesias, Sidi Brahim Najem

Teslem, Dehba and Jadija work on a fish farm in the Sahrawi refugee camps. Where? Algeria, in the middle of the desertand far from their homeland. There’s no sea there, but they do have fish.

Ana Serna (Bilbao, 1988) has a degree in Audiovisual Communication and Master of Research and Creation in Art.Paula Iglesias (Santiago de Compostela, 1986), studied Journalism, Edition and postproduction.In 2012, together with other women, they promote the cultural production company Histeria Kolektiboa and in 2015 theycreate AlBorde Films, an independent film production company in which they co-direct documentaries about stories thatcontribute to build identities, reaching realities to share, learn and transform. The result of this work is the short film ‘Theflutter of the butterfly’ (2018), made with support from the ICAA and CreaDoc lab (MiradasDoc Festival), Cineclub Fasprize in Zinebi60 or the feature film ‘Manufacturing women’ (2018)