Pauline Fonsni/ 26´ / 2019 / Belgium

Direction: Pauline Fonsni

Production: Alice Lemaire

Script: Pauline Fonsny, Maïa Chauvier y Martin Lamand

Editing: Pauline Fonsny, Ismaël JoffroyChandoutis y Rudi Maerten

Cinematography: Pauline Fonsny, Lou Vernin y Pierre de Wurstemberger

Sound: Nathan Foucray, Michel Bystranowski, Alice Lemaire y Jean-NoëlBoisse

In 1998, SemiraAdamu, a 20-year-old, so-called “illegal”, Nigerianimmigrant on Belgian soil, was smothered to death by a police cushion asthey attempted to evict her. 20 years later, in a combined female warcry, two women tell her story. Through their tales, they highlight thereality of detention centers intended for migrant people, the conditionsof such imprisonment, the suffering of detainees, the abuse of guardsand policemen.

PAULINE FONSNI is a trained philosopher and film editor. Living inBrussels, she devotes her time to photography, film and teaching both disciplines. In 2017, she took part in Julie Jaroszewski’s filmQui es-tuOctobre? (56′) as a camerawoman and editor, among otherthings, before directing her first film A l’usage des vivants (27′) thefollowing year. Most of her work focuses currently on the structuralracism of Belgian and European politics, and more specifically on theimprisonment of “foreigners”.