France, 70’, Full HD, 16/9

In 2019, people traverse the world on endless journeys. They leave Central Africa to reach the U.S. across Latin America. Inspired by the Odyssey, we want to rebuild this journey. Each country is the occasion for a reflection on the security and the migratory situation of this same country.

Hugo Monnet-Darras was born in 1990 in Mexico, of French parents. He grew up between the two countries, before studying and working in Paris. He works in several Parisian production houses, such as Eclectic Prod, Ego Productions, les Paladins, as a researcher and author. At the beginning of 2019, he moved to Mexico to rediscover the country of his childhood and dedicate himself to directing social documentaries. He has written films on the themes of ecology, religion and migration. He is now developing projects about the political transition in Mexico and the Afro-Latino issue.

EgoDoc Productions is born from the desire to have France with the prism of its regions. We have expanded our field of research to consider all themes, all territories, as opportunities to share a story, a commitment, a character, a point of view.

Our requirement is twofold. First, make committed films. Our second requirement is that each of our films exists thanks to the unique gaze of an author. These two associated requirements make each film indispensable and imposes itself as a great pride.