Lucas Gallo / 92´ / 2019 / Argentina, Brasil

Direction: Lucas Gallo

Production: Santiago Guidi, Aurelio Tomás

Cinematography: Manuel Rebella

Editing: Javier Falchi

Sound: Juan Jimena, Guillermo Lombardi, Gabriel Barredo

Animation: Agustina Tuduri

Through the use of archival footage and screen-in-screen editing so in vogue in the early 80s, 1982 scrutinises the Argentine media coverage of the Falklands War, exemplifying how propaganda can be used by governments to manipulate a country’s opinions and lead it to believe its troops are winning a battle that was lost from the very beginning.

Academic training in Argentina, Spain and Cuba, through various workshops, among which stand out: Master in Alternative Cinema at EICTV, Film Laboratory with Andrés Di Tella and Martín Rejtman at UTDT (2013), Diploma in Photography Management at the Instituto Séptima ARS in Madrid (2000/2002) and the Experimental Cinema Course with Claudio Caldini at C.C. Rojas (1999). In 2000 he settled in Madrid, from where he started different audiovisual projects that led him to Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and different parts of Spain. As of 2012, he settled again in Buenos Aires. Gallo’s work is characterized by the search and exploration of the limits and borders within the different audiovisual genres. In this constant flirtation between traditional documentary, scripted fiction and experimental cinema, Gallo indulges in mixing and playing, fighting all forms of solemnity. The appropriation of symbolic images and generally of an official nature have also been a conscious tool to generate works where, based on demystification and humor, and to allow thinking of power and contemporary culture.