Diego Benevides / 17’ / 2020 / Brasil

Direction: Diego Benevides

Production: Diego Benevides (Extrato de

Script: Diego Benevides

Editing: Marcelo Coutinho

Cinematography: Antônio Ternura

Sound: Nicolas Hallet

In the small town of Monteiros, in the Sertão of north-east Brazil, dogs spend all year eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Feast of São Lázaro.  This is a religious and traditional celebration known as the “The Table of Lazarus”, in which the favours granted following prayers to the saint are paid for with a a gargantuan feast in which the main diners are the village dogs. With judicious use of editing, Benevides casts a fresh look at this surprising display of religious syncretism in which the best of every kitchen is offered so that São Lázaro’s faithful devotees can make good on their promises to him.

DIEGO BENEVIDES (Paraiba, 1984). Film director, scriptwriter, producer, and editor, he studied Social Communication at the Federal University of Paraiba, and based in the State of Paraiba, where he lives, produces, and films. He has directed various shorts highly acclaimed at Brazil’s major festivals, such as the Rio International Film Festival; also receiving praise at competitions in other parts of the world. His most outstanding works include FAMÍLIA VIDAL (2010), A QUEIMA (2013), CUMIEIRA (2015) and O GUARDADOR (2017). Diego Benevides is a founding member of the Extrato de Cinema audio-visual production company, based in the city of João Pessoa (Paraiba).