Senegal, 70' 4K / Wolof / French / Spanish

Direction: Saliou Sar


Producer Company: Gorée Island Cinema

Upon returning to his native senegalese village, a young migrant seeks to be a positive force for his community. Assisted by his wife, who accompanied him in his return, he starts sharing and building with his community the “active utopia” expressed in the book he wrote while on his journey. 

Senegalese artist Alibeta (Saliou Sarr) is a busy bee, gathering from multiple universes, from theatre, to cinema , and music. A writer, composer and director , his nectar is making a contribution to the universality of language, culture, and representations. He is convince that art can bring changes , and cinema can help to rebuild the way Afrcan people see themselves . He cherishes traditions, yet with an eye to the future, whose bold and vigorous voice he can already hear. With him, we transcend unimaginable borders, grasping the full meaning of the word “orality”.