Bruno Tracq / 84´ / 2020 / Bélgica

Direction: Bruno Tracq

Production: Benoit Roland

Cinematography: Tristan Galand

Editing: Bruno Tracq

Sound: Yann-Elie Gorans

Music: Loup Mormont

Visual effects: Emilien Lazaron / Digital District

Fabienne Roelants and Christine Watremez are two of the most renowned specialists in surgical hypnosis. Their voices guide thoughts and can recompose reality. As practitioners, they nurture the doctor-patient relationships that are often damaged by modern medicine, and invite an unusual force in the operating room: the power of imagination.

Bruno Tracq works in Brussels and Paris as a director, writer, editor and dramaturge. Director of two medium-length fiction films, Walking Ghost Phase and Betelgeuse (shot in USA with Lubna Azabal) and a feature documentary on surgical hypnosis, My Voice Will Be With You. He has worked as an editor for Jaco Van Dormael (Mister Nobody), Alexandre Courtes (the TV show Au Service de la France) and Fabrizio Terranova (Donna Haraway). He has edited numerous commercial art films and music videos (for Baloji, Justice, Snoop Dogg…). He regularly collaborates as a dramaturg and video designer for shows and plays with Selma Alaoui. He teaches at INSAS (Brussels).