90 min, 4K, Lesoto, Colombia, Spain / Spanish

Direction: Josephine Landertinger Forero

Production: Lilly Landertinger Forero

Company: Global Eyes Production

Pitch: Josephine Landertinger Forero / Manuel Barrios

The conflict between my unpleasant memories about my childhood during Apartheid and the idyllic childhood photos of my family albums makes me want to look for the truth about the past and take me to a trip between Colombia, Spain, Lesotho and South Africa.

Colombian, born 1983 (Portugal). Graduated in Film and Communication from Freie Universität Berlin, 2007. Specialized in German post-war cinema, Italian Neorealism and documentary film. Recognition of the City of Berlin for efforts in migrant’s integration for documentary “Boundless” (45 min, 2011) about three binational couples. Nomination Best Colombian Documentary 2017 for “Home – the country of illusion” (85 min,2016), a reflection about uprooting. Josephine works between Barcelona and Bogotá as a director, producer, scriptwriter and activist for more gender equality in Iberoamerican film.