Senegal, 70 min, HD, Lingala/ français /Spanish

Direction: Eugelande Mirabelle Bandzouzi

Production: Delphe Kifouani

Company: Traces du sud

Pitch: Eugelande Mirabelle BANDZOUZI / Delphe KIFOUANI

Students, my parents knew and loved each other in Havana. Their whole life was marked by Cuban culture. They tell me about their life, which was punctuated by salsa and inspired by revolutionary politics, always linked to the relations between Congo and Cuba where I will bring them back to relive their memories.

Born April 22, 1982 in Brazzaville, Congo Brazzaville.

Certificates. Master in Creative Documentary Production, obtained at the University Gaston Berger of Saint-Louis of Senegal 2016
Films made

Dem-Dikk, (26min) , Documentary filmmaker, author-director, End of study film for the master (2016).

Makuela, (52. Min) author-director (2017), co-production Traces du Sud and Sonatel MultiMedia – broadcast Orange TV Africa.

Teaching. Teacher at the School of Sound and Image Professions (EMSI) in Saint-Louis, in production and scriptwriting