Gosia Juszczak / 30´ / 2020 / Reino Unido, España.

Direction: Gosia Juszczak

Production: Gosia Juszczak

Script: Gosia Juszczak

Cinematography: Filip Drożdż

Editing: Adriana F. Castellanos

Sound: Igor Kłaczyński

In Gambia, Africa’s smallest country, the basic source of protein, fish. is increasingly scarce. Since the arrival of Chinese companies that transform fish into feed for animals exported to Europe, the country’s traditional fishing sector as well as its food security have been under threat. Three people: Abou, Mariama and Paul, share their intimate stories of survival, longing and migratory treks that leave their mark forever. This project was born from the director’s interest in analyzing the motives that drive many migrants to risk their lives by sea in route towards Europe.

GOSIA JUSZCZAK (Poland, 1981). Director and producer of documentary shorts, fiction films and music videos. Graduated and documentary filmmaking from the Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing in Warsaw. Based in Madrid, her documentary work focuses on themes tackling social, migration and border issues. Her documentary short VIDEONOTES: ETHNOLIGUE was named Discovery of the Year by Polish film portal Stopklatka. The short NO MÁS MUERTES was shortlisted by the Médecins du Monde Festival of Documentary Film, Video Journalism and Human Rights. STOLEN FISH was premièred at the Sheffield Doc/Fest. Gosia is furthermore a journalist, translator and public speaker as a human-rights watcher in the Middle East.