Henri Marbacher / 18’ / 2019 / Suiza

Direction: Henri Marbacher

Production: Delphine Jeanneret

Script: Henri Marbacher, Agìr Aldi

Editing: Henri Marbacher

Cinematography: Léo Marbacher

Sound: Henri Marbacher

Agìr, a cheerful and discreet 19-year-old, recounts his migratory journey. This tale is a trek from Syria to Switzerland stretching over several years, shifting from boat to bus, changing from huts to mosques, crossing camps and boarders. This chaotic structure gives rise to a fragmented and uneven story. Composed based around brief nuggets, it is this journey that the animation sets into motion through Agìr’s voiceover. What we see is a shining example of animation and documentary hybridization, managing to convey the reality of migration without needing to be heavy-handed or mawkish.

HENRI MARBACHER (Friburgo, Suiza, 1993). After studying at the Collège Saint-Michel, Marbacher fulfilled his military service performing different civil duties, being assigned for six months to a centre for asylum applicants. In 2016 he enrolled in the Geneva University of Art and Design, at the Cinema department. With a closeness to migration-related issues, he first addressed these in TERRAIN DE NUIT, a piece he created during the second year of his studies. With his graduation piece, TENTE 113, IDOMENIE, he took part in the world’s top documentary film festivals, such as Visions du Réel (Switzerland), and won awards at animation festivals such as the North Dakota Humans Rights film festival (US).