Francisco Bermejo / 77´ / 2020 / Chile

Direction: Francisco Bermejo

Production: Panchito Films

Cinematography: Francisco Bermejo

Editing: Javiera Velozo

Sound Design: Claudio Vargas

Somewhere at the end of the world, where ocean and rocks play their endless games of hide and seek, lives a man. In his mysterious solitude he is not alone. One day remains of a white whale are washed by a storm on a beach. In this stranded portrait inspired by H.Melville’s masterpiece Moby Dick, the director questions our inner reality and our own gaze on it.

Francisco Bermejo (27/09/1972), photographer.

He has developed extensive photographic series linked to the heritage of popular culture in Chile. This is his first feature film, which had its world premiere at Festival Visions du Réel 2020, where it was the winner in the Burning Lights section.