Chile, 90 min, 16 mm y 4k, Spanish/ Aymara

Direction: Camila José Donoso

Production: Transparaíso

Company: Transparaíso

Pitch: Camila José Donoso / Rocío Romero

Ariela (83) has the oldest archive of Arica. Based on the photo of her grandmother, together with María, an Afro woman of the 19th century, and a group of anthropologists, we began a deep search to reconstruct the black memory of the border city. Through the stories told by grandmothers and granddaughters, we discovered how the persecution after the War of the Pacific was in the process of Chileanization, how Afro resistance exists today in its many forms, and how much has really changed – or remained – of the pre-Chilean Arica

Camila José Donoso’s cinema is a cinema of transformation. Over the course of her three films, “Naomi Campbel” (2013), “Casa Roshell” (2017) and “Nona, if they wet me, I burn them” (2019), the Chilean director, born in 1988, built a corpus of aesthetic experimentation and potent invention that addresses urgent issues of our present day. Her films achieve transformation through reinvention, which often occurs even in the bodies of the people filmed. Camila’s films have screened at important festivals such as Rotterdam, Cinema du reel, Berlinale, among others