70 min, Colombia / Español

Direction: Melissa Saavedra Gil


Company: Desu productions

Years later I returned to the city where I was born to reconstruct the death of my parents that altered my destiny. I am an orphaned child and adult who puts together the pieces of a puzzle that I intensely want to put together. Only memory, forgetting and invention will determine the reconciliation with absence.

Born in Colombia in 1987. Director and audiovisual creator. Her work has been linked to cinema as well as to different museums in the country. Her first film El Espacio Me Huele a Hierbas (2014) was developed as a guerrilla film and participated in the Ethnographic Film Festival of Ecuador, then, on commission, was born Mi Río Yurumanguí (2017) which was exhibited at the International Documentary Exhibition of Bogota. Melissa is interested in hybrid universes that challenge the assumptions of truth.