España, 70 min, Español / Hassania

Direction: Agustín Domínguez

Company: Gran Angular

Pitch: Agustín Domínguez Cordero / Rita Vera García

Iauguida adjusts her melfa, puts on her body armor that covers her from her shoulders to just above her knees, and puts her protective helmet on her head. She is the leader of a team of deminers in the Western Sahara area, operating in one of the most heavily mined places in the world.

Agustín Domínguez G C 1965. Co-founder and president of Gran Angular, organizer of the short film festival San Rafael en corto (SREC), which he directs.
In 2013 he shoots El señor G in the Saharawi refugee camps Sec. Of. Lpa FilmFest 2013. Renacer short film 2019 selected in more than 15 international festivals.
Mudjeris di Areia feature documentary 2020 Cape Verde has been selected, to date, in 7 international film festivals. Storni short film 2020 in distribution.