Laura Herrero Garvín / 75' / 2016 / México

Direction: Laura Herrero Garvín
Production: Anaïs Vignal, Julio López
Cinematography: Laura Herrero Garvín
Editing: Lorenzo Mora Salazar
Sound: Álvaro Arce Urroz
Music: Josué Vergara, Juan Cubas Fridman

Pedro is a transvestite farmer who defends his identity and his dreams; his sister Esther strives for a better future for her daughter and shares her world through the lens of her small camera. They live in El Remolino (the swirl), a tiny riverside community in Chiapas, Mexico, which is struck by strong floods every year. To them, life is like a swirl that spins across the journey of their inner cycles and of the greater natural cycle of the river. 

Laura Herrero Garvín was born in Toledo, Spain, in 1985. She studied telecommunications engineering, specialising in sound and image. After several academic exchanges and trips around Europe and America, she began to focus more on the cinematographic field. She started collaborating in her first projects in San Francisco, CA, as a photography assistant, while attending different classes in the San Francisco Film Society and in Berkeley Community Television, CA. In 2010, she went to Mexico to study cinema and to dedicate herself entirely to this field. Since moving there, she has worked as a director, cinematographer and editor in different documentary projects.