Talk: “Documentary alliances between Europe and Latinamerica” Ms. Claudia Rodriguez (Preciosa Media consulting)

Talk: “Documentary alliances between Europe and Latinamerica”

Tuesday, January 31st 2017 – 13:00

Cultural Centre


preciosa-media-logo-2Claudia Rodríguez(Colombia)
Position: C.E.O

Distribution, Alliances & Coproduction Company: Preciosa Media




Claudia is a Social Communication graduate with an emphasis on Educational Communication, with professional studies in Colombia and Italy. Her specialization is in the design and development of educational and entertainment media, consulting for broadcast strategy, as well as acquisitions and sales for overseas audiovisual content. She also runs workshops on management and development of fiction, documentary and children’s audiovisual media.


Claudia has worked in the selection process and on the juries for many film and broadcast festivals, among them: Docs DF (Mexico), Nordisk Film Panorama (Sweden), Hot Docs (Canada). She also has performed jury duties for funding programs such as Chile’s CNTV, and EMC Docs for Mexico and Central America, as well as for Colombia’s Ministry of Culture.


After 7 years of experience in managing international relations and distribution of content (4.5 years of international representation of the Colombian public broadcaster, and 3 years representing independent producers) in audiovisual markets in international forums and festivals industry events, she has built a strong network of contacts in the global media industry: in production, coproduction, content distribution, sales, acquisition and financing of projects. This year she just launched her own distribution & alliances & coproduction company, Preciosa Media.


Documentary profile: Preciosa Media is focused in making alliances between the Documentary and Animation Latino producers – channels and the rest of the world; and do the same for no-latino producers and channels: to introduce them to the Latino Audiovisual Market, and open new windows at LATAM for them. Also, Preciosa made acquisition consulting for Latinamerican channels.


Recent titles: Pizarro, Nueva Venecia, Under The Same Sky (LATAM), Pinilla, Cuentos de Viejos, The Bolivian Case.


Financing for: Co-production at LATAM, distribution at LATAM.




Country: Colombia




Film and Television Development Coordinator


Venezuelan and has resided in Spain for more than 15 years.


He works in the IBERMEDIA Program, a financial cooperation fund for the consolidation of the Iberoamerican film and audiovisual industry. In the Technical Unit of the Program, based in Madrid, has assumed different responsibilities: organization of meetings, films, technical advice, coordination of the film archives project, among others. At the moment coordinates the modality of Development of projects of cinema and television.


He has worked in different public and private institutions in Venezuela. He graduated in International Studies at Florida International University FIU (USA), degree approved at the Central University of Venezuela. He holds a Master’s degree in International Cooperation (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) and a Master’s Degree in Management and Cultural Policies (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya).