Fernando Romanazzo / 90′ / Country: Argentina / Filming Country: Mozambique / HD

Kinina and Fulgencio, two Mozambican dance students, are summoned by a tango-argentinean teacher Johana Copes and the bandoneonist Horacio Romo, to travel with them inside Mozambique. Along the way incorporate dancers to achieve the first African Tango team, in order to perform at the most important dance festival in the country, the challenge is to achieve it in just thirty days.

Fernando Romanazzo was born in 1977 in Floresta neighborhood, Buenos Aires city, Argentina capital. He studied Design, Image and Sound at the University of Buenos Aires. I work in Ludovico Productions and in Aqueronte. Productions where where he still working, a production company that he founded in 2007.


He produced and directed:
Documentary feature length film: Yallah! Yallah! – (In Post Production – Vía 2) director and producer.
Documentary Feature Film: De los Barrios, Art – (premiered in cinemas in 35mm) director and producer.
Shortfilm fiction: The Last Sigh – director.
Animation Short Film: Pasión Centenario – co-director and producer. // A step of the centenary – producer
Documentary short film: All Boys 98th Anniversary – director and producer // All Boys 97 °
Anniversary – director and producer.
Institutional: Tribute to the Negro Vieytes – director and producer // 150th Anniversary of Floresta – director and producer. // Great brushstrokes – director and producer.
Videoclips: Choreographic Academy Adventure Dance – director and producer.
Advertising spot: Divanlito – director and producer.


Cristian Pirovano was born in 1978 in Buenos Aires (Argentina), where he lives and works. He studied Sociology at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and began his training in photography during the first year of the new millennium.
He is one of the founders, photographic editor and photographer of the magazine “Músicas del Mundo”, which promotes the musical and cultural diversity of the world.


Since 2007 he has traveled around the world photographing events, people, places looking for stories to tell.
He traveled through South America (Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela), South Africa (Mozambique, Zimbawe, Botswana, Zambia), North Africa (Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt), Southeast Asia , Cambodia, Thailand), and by India and Nepal.


During his last trip through the Middle East – where he stayed for 5 months – I photograph the complexities of everyday life in Palestine and Israel and their environments. On his return to his country, he organized a traveling photographic exhibition at the Palestinian Embassy, ​​at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires and at the Library of Congress of Argentina.
Within the framework of these projects the documentary entitled “Yallah! Yallah! “In which he is co-producer and co-director with Fernando Romanazzo. This project is declared of Interest by INCAA and is in post-production status being the first legally recognized co-production with Palestine.


He has made numerous journalistic and photographic collaborations in diverse media such as “Third Information” Spain; “FOTO4all” Romania. In Argentina: “I am Rock”; “Rumbos”, “Zero Contamination”; “Travells” “The Bondi”; “La Maga” and “Otra Vuelta” and with rock bands like “Pastillas del Abuelo”; “Pegasus”.


In the audiovisual area, he worked as a director and producer in different music videos such as “El Mesero” “Let’s get the light” and “Another night on Earth”; Also like cameraman in “All Boys the film”; “Los Sikus” Peru; And the “Institutional for the VI Air Brigade of Tandil”.

Aqueronte, producer of shortfilms, media and feature films was created in 2007 in order to carry out all kinds of audiovisual ventures. Specialized in documentaries, she has experience in all stages of the realization for both the cinema, TV and new media.

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